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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 - Diet and Mental Health.

We all know that diet is good for our physical health; however, it can also play a part in our Mental Health too.  Download this Fact Sheet for more information.

Fact Sheet 2 - Diet and Immunity.

Our own immunity to diseases and viruses is of particular importance at this current time. There is no one nutrient that helps keeps our body’s immune system in tip top condition.  This fact sheet aims to help clear the fog.


7 Day High Fibre, Low Calorie Diet Plan

New Year, New You?  Did you see the article on the BBC about how most of us are not getting enough fibre in our diet?  Well, I have put together a 7 day eating plan that is low to medium carb, low fat, high fibre. 


Calories are between 1100 and 1400 a day and fibre is around 30g a day.  I have also put together a shopping list and cost of the fresh ingredients for you.  The aim is that you eat all or most of the fresh ingredients in the week.  All meals can be made ahead and frozen in portions too.  The two PDFs on the left here are the High Fibre Lose Weight Plan and Shopping List, and the Recipes.  


This is free for you to download. If you like this plan and would like a more personalised service, then please get in contact.   Also, if you do download it, please get in contact and let me know what you think. Happy Eating! 

Access Fact Sheets

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