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Initial Nutrition Assessment

Initial assessment includes finding more out about you, your medical history, medication /supplements currently taken, likes, dislikes and goals.  A body composition assessment will also be completed using skinfolds, bone breaths and girth measurements to get your body somatype, %body fat and fat free mass.  You will then complete a 7 day Food Diary (FD), which is then analysed to generate a personalised Nutrient Intake Report: total calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat,  fibre caffeine, alcohol, and all vitamins and mineral will be analysed based on your 7 day FD..


Follows on from Initial Nutrition Assessment, this service is for individuals.  Either athletes wishing to improve their performance or make weight.  One on One consultations that develop personalised nutrition plans in line with training requirements.  Plans will incorporate training, recovery, build up to competition and advice on supplements where necessary.   

This service can also be used for individuals wishing to improve their general health by managing a condition, changing lifestyle or losing some excess weight.  Personalised plans will be developed that help you achieve your goal in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Sports Teams

Working with Coaching staff, we would develop team nutrition plans for sport teams with ongoing body composition assessments to ensure ongoing health and maximum performance potential.  Working with a sport team would involve presentations on nutrition topics, development of nutrition plans for training, recovery and competition, on going body composition assessment and nutrition for recovery from injury.  For youth sports teams, parents of team members would also be consulted. 


Corporate consultancy that ranges from one off presentations to groups of individuals or working with canteen and catering departments to develop nutritious and healthy meal options for employees.

Cookery Classes

Three Options Suitable for Anyone.


1.  A one time, four hour personalized home visit to provide you with a thorough health and nutritional assessment, an individualized meal plan, a complete kitchen nutrition makeover, a private supermarket tour, wrapped up with some healthy food preparation time to set up a week’s worth of nutritious meals and snacks. 

2.   Individual or Group classes for up to 6 people covering healthy family meals, sustainability awareness, fun food for weight loss, tasty meals for any dietary concerns, be it allergy awareness, boosting your health due to a deficiency or other health concerns.  Bespoke courses would be over 6 weeks can be developed on request.

3. Pay As You Go Themed Cookery Classes for Children Aged 2 - 5 years old.  Come along on a themed cookery adventure.  Learn where food comes from, how to mix, what healthy food is and how tasty it can be.  Learn how to weigh and all whilst making tasty treats to eat! 

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