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"Working with female team sport players to reach their goals..."

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Flick Lucas

About Us

Flick is a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, working closely with you to help you reach your goals in a healthy, balanced way, with tasty meals. 

She specialises in educating female team sport players to optimise their nutrition, thereby increasing knowledge of their own health and reducing the risk of injury during training and matches, so they are confident to play at their best.  

She works with you to develop meal plans packed with tasty, delicious food that build up into nutrition strategies that can help with:

  • Optimising your immune system

  • Building up muscle mass

  • Losing weight sensibly

  • Improving your time to exhaustion

  • Improving gastrointestinal discomfort and other gut issues

  • Optimising nutrition for youth athletes

  • Working on hydration and recovery strategies 

  • Working on nutrition strategies for getting back to training/competition.

A busy mum of two kids, Ridgeway Nutrition is based in rural West Berkshire.  The key philosophy is that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean denying yourself. Flick can work with you to help you reach your goals in a fully personalised, balanced and healthy way.  

  • Graduate Member SENR of the British Dietetic Association 

  • Member of The Nutrition Society.

  • Certified UK Anti Doping Advisor ensuring you remain clean and use the right supplements in the right way at the right time

  • ISAK certified Level 1 Anthropometrist and will first carry out a body composition assessment to determine your body type and percentage body fat, waist to hip ratio and extent of muscles.

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60 min assessment and nutrition counselling session. Seven Day Food Diary Analysis. ISAK Restricted Profile Body Composition Assessment

Hourly consultations that follow on from an Initial Nutrition Assessment. For athletes or individuals with general dietary issues.  Fully personalised nutrition plans.

One off presentations or working with canteen departments on healthy eating plans

One off presentations to teams or development of ongoing body composition monitoring and development of nutrition strat 

Cookery Classes are part of the Individual, Corporate and Sport Team Service offerings. However, separate classes can be offered to groups or individuals that want to enhance their skills or complement current dietary requirements


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ISAK Anthropometrist
UK Anti Doping Advisor
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