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Healthy Summer

Make a homemade guacamole for a healthy picnic

You may be forgiven for thinking that Summer has bypassed us totally and headed to France and Spain for a long holiday. We must, however, hope that it decides to come back to Britain. When the Sun comes out and it happens to be the School Summer Holidays, head outside with the kids and have a picnic. Here are some tips for healthy picnics:

DITCH the normal sandwiches and do a filled loaf. Get a freshly baked loaf like Giraffe Bread or Cottage Loaf from your local bakery or the in-store bakery section of your supermarket. Lop off the top and take out the inside of the loaf leaving the outer shell. This inside can be saved for breadcrumbs. Then fill to bursting. Put the top back on, wrap in foil or cling film and place between baking trays, put in the fridge and weigh down overnight with some tins. You can have Italian style with prosciutto ham, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheeses, peppers etc or do a pizza. Spread tomato sauce around the interior then add mozzarella and layer with your favourite pizza toppings, more mozzarella and tomato sauce. Weigh down again and then place the foil wrapped bread in an oven set at 180C for 20 minutes. Leave to cool.

Do vegetable sticks like carrot, cucumber and peppers to have with hummus or maybe guacamole. Make your own guacamole.

Make your own sausage rolls - puff pastry and sausage meat. Add your own flavourings.

Add in loads of fruit - British soft fruit is at its best over the Summer. Go to a pick your own and get the kids involved picking.

Salads don't have to be boring with lettuce and limp celery. Do a Waldorf style salad cheese, apple and walnuts and dress with a light zingy lemony dressing. Cook some pasta and leave to go cold and then do a homemade pasta salad with your favourite ingredients.

Thinking of which - make your own pesto - basil, parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil is a basic pesto. Add in sun dried tomatoes or roasted peppers for a different flavour.

As a treat for dessert do marshmallow and fruit kebabs. Take in kit form and get the kids to build their own.

If you are not a confident cook, please get in touch, I offer cookery courses from a 1 off session up to groups that go over 6 weeks. If there is a group of you, you can get together for a 1 off or group session as well. Get in touch via the Contact us box on the homepage.

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